The Acid

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As if Ry X, you know, the guy from the folk-tinged gems ‘Berlin’ and ‘Howling’, wasn’t enough on his own, there is now three times as much awesomeness within one group, called The Acid. Existing out of Ry X,  British producer Adam Freeland and American producer Steve Nalepa, they create undefined tracks in which baselines, synths and guitars lay the perfect foundation for Ry X’s stunning vocals.

'Basic Instinct'

‘Push me back in,
Silent in sin.
Fight in water,
On it, on it, Basic Instinct.’


‘I wanna love you like your breathing soul
I wanna love you like you gotta go
I wanna touch you in a painted stall
I wanna love you like a creeper knows.’

The Acid is also featured in our Indie Infatuation – July 2014 playlist.

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