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Amy Sheppard, the girl with the striking blueish green hair, is probably what draws your attention at first, but brother George Sheppard is as important for the creation of Sheppard as she was. Together, with the lovely band members of Emma Sheppard, Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Dean Gordon, they currently form thé new successful – and Aria awarded – Brisbane band ‘Sheppard’ which are known for their colourful mix of alternative-, indie- and definitely catchy, pop!


‘Well we rushed it,
Moving away to fast.
That we crushed it,
But it’s in the past.
We can make this leap,
Through the curtains of the waterfall.’

'Let Me Down Easy'

‘Well how do I begin to convince you to love me,
When you’re a star in the sky up above me.
And I’m too far down below,
Your heavy heart has taken its toll.
You’ve lost all the magic inside of your soul,
So sell me a lie before you hit the road.’

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