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Daughter of the one and only Donna Summer, Amanda Sudano decided it was her own time to shine. She, – together with Abner Ramirez -, formed a folk, soul, bluesy pop duo in 2005 and named themselves after Amanda’s fish, Johnny, who was floating at the top of the fishing bowl while Amanda’s mother wanted to destroy it. Amanda ran in yelling ‘No wait – he’s alive! Johnny, swim!’! So while the fish died, their bands name was born.


‘I was bruised and beaten.
Lost for many reasons.
Only love would make you understand.
Oh don’t go losing sleep, scared of shadows…’

'Heart Beats'

‘I’m born to go,
Where they tell me it’s impossible.
Fan the flame and walk on the water.
I’ve got heaven locked up in these bones…’

Johnnyswim is also featured in our Indie Infatuation – June 2014 and Indie Infatuation – July 2014 playlist.

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