A Passion For The Underdog

Infatuated is a platform for unknown artists/bands that we believe aren’t getting enough attention



We\’re trying to share all of our favorite new, different and upcoming artists – and their tracks!


We\’re building monthly-, mood- and genre-playlists and many other music compilations!


Four times a year a true on- and off-line Infatuated mixtape is released!


We\’re designing graphics combined with lyrics. Equals, the best of both worlds!


We\’re loving visuals and well directed music video‚Äôs as much as a fat kid loves cake!


We\’re taking care of (y)our eyes as it\’s all about imagery, illustrations and inspirational visuals!

A little Bit About Us

Infatuated was founded in 2011 as ‘just an outlet for unknown music’. The creator likes an unknown underdog and dislikes commercialized big players, therefore she was always shoving new talented musicians down her friends, families and relatives throats, but it wasn’t enough for her. More people, ears and music-lovers had to hear about ‘this amazing artist’ or ‘this particular well-written lyric’. With a background in web design, online marketing and social media, and a passion for illustrations, lyrics and mixtapes she decided to take upon this task all by herself. Hence after two years of writing, creating and non-stop re-designing it was finally time to put everything out there: www.infatuated.nl went live in 2013 and geared up with a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Spotify account Infatuated became ready to market new talent!

Our Skills

Online Marketing


Creative Writing


Passionate about Music


Generating Playlists


Music Industry Knowledge

Songs Played
Artists Featured
Playlists Created
Mixtapes Released

A Passion for Social Media

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